Providing nutritionally balanced high-quality food to maintain the physical and mental well-being of customers and the community.

Focus Areas:

  • Customer Welfare
  • Community Engagement
  • Food Safety and Resilience

FY2022/23 Highlights

Total HK$4.638 million donation in the form of
 money and food
Released our first “Go-Green” menus
Reached 98% satisfactory rate in hygiene audits
Recruited 450,000* unique members since mobile apps launched

* as at 31 March 2023

Plant-based and Healthier Offerings

Provide healthier and greener menus for our customers
In FY2022/23, we introduced “Go Green” menus with plant-based options in two of our brands to promote healthier, low-carbon diets. This aligns with our ESG commitment to reduce carbon emissions through green food choices. We plan to add one such item each year and offer year-round discounts. Additionally, through enhancing our “Plant-based and Healthier Offerings” to provide more green and nutritious choices, we support the Eat Smart Scheme and achieved the two-star rating in 2023, and to reduce CO2 emissions in the long term.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Uphold High Standards for Food Safety & Hygiene
In FY2022/23, rigorous food quality and safety checks were conducted, including testing 152 purchased food items from various sources, examining 900-1,000 finished product samples for microbiological and hygiene standards, and conducting over 1,300 in-house store audits. External accreditors SGS and Intertek also conducted 190 hygiene audits with a 98% satisfactory rate.

Community Investment

Embracing the principle of “Taken from the Community, Giving back to the Community”
We have actively organised and participated in philanthropic activities to support the local community. In FY2022/23, SamGor partnered with St. James’ Settlement’s FOOD-CO to organise Mixian For The Good (「線」有善報), benefiting over 3,400 individuals through this initiative. Additionally, we launched our inaugural charitable NFT, Souper Hero, and organised the “TamJai Jeh Jeh: TamJai Che Che” charity sales in collaboration with local illustrators and NGOs. These efforts aim to nurture local artists and contribute to the development of the local art scene.