Tam Jai International is committed to being a pioneer of sustainability in the catering industry. Together with our employees, customers and business partners, we are dedicated to creating a greener and more responsible industry that positively impacts our planet and communities.

ESG Strategy Pillars

In pursuit of a sustainable future, TJI established the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Strategy Framework. Our framework focuses on three core pillars that align with our business, mission, and values, namely “Nourishing Communities”, “Uplifting People”, and “Preserving Nature”. For each pillar, we have identified specific focus areas, objectives, action plans and targets to guide our efforts and measure our progress.

ESG Strategy Framework

Nourishing Communities

Providing nutritionally balanced and quality food to nourish bodies and minds of our customers and communities.

  • Customer well-being
  • Community engagement
  • Food security & resilience
Uplifting People

Uplifting and creating shared values with
our employees and partners

  • Employee health & safety
  • Employee engagement, diversity & inclusion
  • Labour practices
  • Supplier engagement
Preserving Nature

Managing and reducing our impact on the climate to preserve our natural environment

  • Resource management
  • Waste management
  • Climate change risk
  • Regenerative practices

Key Achievements in FY2022/23

Total HK$4.638 million donation in the form of money and food
Released our first “Go Green” menus
Reached 98% satisfactory rate in hygiene audits
Organised the first “Sustainability Week”
Delivered 19,107 training hours to staff
Controlled <2% total staff accident rate
Founding member of WWF’s “Sustainable Seafood Membership Programme”
Reduced 23% of food waste disposal against last year
Decreased 12% diesel energy consumption against last year

Tam Jai Goodness Trust

Established in 2021 with funding from Tam Jai International Limited (TJI), the Tam Jai Goodness Trust (the “Trust”) has a clear mission: to advance the sustainability initiatives under TJI’s ESG strategy framework and enhance the well-being of our customers, employees, and partners.

Our ultimate goal is to position the Trust as a leader in the F&B industry and one of the most influential trust funds. Since its establishment, the Trust has actively supported a range of initiatives, including the Education Support Scheme for Employees’ Children. This program provides scholarships to eligible employees’ children, enabling them to pursue local undergraduate studies and thereby enriching their educational opportunities.

Awards and Recognitions