Managing and reducing our impact on the climate to protect our natural environment.

Focus Areas:

  • Resource Management
  • Waste Management
  • Climate Change Risks
  • Sustainable Practices

FY2022/23 Highlights

Reduced 23%* food waste disposal
Decreased 12%* Diesel energy consumption
More than 180 restaurants took part in Earth Hour 2023
Launched the pilot “Food Waste Collection Scheme”
Joined WWF’s “Sustainable Seafood Membership Programme”

*Compared with FY2022 intensity (Unit/HK$ million)

Food Waste Management

Prevent, reuse and recycle food waste
We incentivise “Less Mixian” and “Light Mixian” orders to promote mindful consumption and prevent food waste at source. By launching pilot food waste recycling programs with landlords in Hong Kong, we aim to reduce landfill waste. We are actively exploring opportunities to expand these initiatives to private shopping malls, further reducing solid waste and promoting recyclability. In collaboration with Foodlink Foundation and Food Angel, we regularly donate surplus pork belly from our Central Kitchen to be transformed into meal boxes for those in need.

Plastic-free Packaging

Eliminating single-use plastics
We have improved takeaway packaging designs and changed to use paper straws to reduce plastic usage. In FY2022/23, our plastic packaging materials decreased by 5% compared to the previous year. Starting from October 2023, we have replaced all plastic takeaway cutlery with eco-friendly paper alternatives. Additionally, we actively encourage our customers to opt for reusable tableware when ordering takeaway, further reducing our environmental impact.

Climate Risk Assessment

Get ready for a climate-resilient future
We have engaged a third-party consultant, KPMG, to conduct standardised Climate Risk Assessment to identify our unique risks and opportunities. In the preparation stage, we are undergoing a 12-month climate awareness and capacity-building program, which the first section has been successfully conducted in early 2023.