Creating shared value for employees and partners, while assisting them in self-improvement.

Focus Areas:

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Employee Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Labor Rights
  • Supplier Engagement

FY2022/23 Highlights

Organised the first “Sustainability Week”
Delivered 19,107 training hours to staff
Controlled <2% total staff accident rate
Collaborated with 888 suppliers
Developed 13 ethical sourcing principles

TJl Education Support Scheme for Employees’ Children

Promote fair education and upward mobility
The scheme grants a subsidy of 80% on tuition fee (up to HK$50,000) to children of employees with over 3 years of service. Additionally, we offer a 72-hour internship opportunity for the children, enabling them to personally experience their parents’ work environment, gaining valuable experience, and helping to strengthen parent-child communication.

Cultivate Staff Awareness on Sustainability

Educate our staff through continuous engagement
We initiated the first “Sustainability Week” in 2023 to elevate staff awareness of sustainability and embed it in our daily operations. The event included activities like O • Park1 visit, well-being workshops, and volunteer engagement, reinforcing ESG comprehension and promoting eco-friendly living. 
We actively engage our staff through various communication channels and activities to highlight their pivotal roles in advancing sustainability within the catering industry.

Striving for A Safe Workplace

Promote Employee Well-being and Ensure Workplace Safety
We prioritise employee safety through a robust Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system. Our restaurants and central kitchens adhere to strict internal policies and procedures to minimise workplace risks. Our Human Resources Department oversees OHS implementation among all business units, and we conduct regular trainings and workshops to raise safety awareness and provide precautionary measures.

Training and Skills Development

Provide suitable training opportunities to enhance professionalism
To nurture talents and ensure our employees are aligned with company goals, we consistently organise training courses, workshops, and seminars for employees at different levels. By actively engaging our employees through multiple channels, we aim to enhance their capabilities and foster their growth alongside the company.