Press Release

Tam Jai Goodness Trust Officially Established Dedicated to Promoting Sustainable Development

Education Support Scheme for Employees’ Children Expanded Around HK$1.2 Million in Scholarships to be Awarded this Year

22 AUG 2022


(Hong Kong, 22 AUG 2022) Tam Jai International Co. Limited (“TJI” or the “Company“, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group“; HKEX stock code: 2217) is delighted to announce the official establishment of the Tam Jai Goodness Trust (“Trust”). The Trust aims to promote sustainable development through various programmes and support schemes under the Group’s environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) pillars. This includes the TJI Education Support Scheme for Employees’ Children (“Scheme”), which is highly recognized by employees and different sectors of society. Besides assisting employees in need, the Scheme also promotes fair education and family communication. With expanded funding from the Tam Jai Goodness Trust, the Scheme has granted a total of around HK$1.2 million in scholarships to the children of 35 employees this year, which helps to complete their local undergraduate studies.

TJI attaches great importance to environmental and social sustainability, and the establishment of the Tam Jai Goodness Trust is a testament to TJI’s efforts in fulfilling its ESG commitments. The Trust is dedicated to the promotion of sustainability as well as wellness and well-being of the Company’s customers, employees and partners under three ESG pillars: “Nourishing Communities”, “Uplifting People” and “Preserving Nature”. Through financial assistance and sponsorships, the Trust supports programmes and charitable activities that advance different areas of focus, including food safety, customer well-being, employee health and safety, waste management and regenerative practices.

As one of the key projects supported by the Tam Jai Goodness Trust, TJI Education Support Scheme for Employees’ Children was expanded to include employees of all local businesses under the Group this year. The maximum amount of scholarship awarded per year has also been increased from HK$1 million to HK$3 million, with a quota of 60 recipients. Children of employees who have successfully applied for the Scheme will have their tuition fees subsidized by up to 80% per academic year, capped at HK$50,000. In addition, they will be offered a 72-hour internship with the Group, so that they can get a taste of their parents’ work and gain some working experience. The Group hopes that this will recognize employees for their contributions, promote harmonious family relationships and encourage the next generations to give back to society upon completion of their higher education. Since the Scheme’s launching in 2015, over HK$4 million in scholarship funds have been distributed to 134 children of the Group’s employees.

Mr. Daren Lau, Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of TJI, said, “The Group is committed to contributing to the environment and society while actively expanding its business. We hope to create shared value that benefits everyone and promotes sustainable development in the food and beverage industry. This will also further realize the Group’s motto, ‘Giving back to society’. We are pleased to have expanded the TJI Education Support Scheme for Employees’ Children with the backing of the Tam Jai Goodness Trust. We hope to extend our care and support to more employees via the Scheme and support the education of our younger generation, thus creating a better society for tomorrow.”