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TamJai’s Charitable Event: TamJai Jeh Jeh Speaks Exhibition Launches

Featuring “TamJai Jeh Jeh: TamJai Che Che”(Toy Cars) & “Drawings of “TamJai-ese” exhibits
Queen of Pop Joyce Cheng, Budding Pop Diva Cloud to officiate the 8-day exhibition

12 January 2023


(January 12, 2023, Hong Kong)         Since the launch in Hong Kong 26 years ago, TamJai Yunnan Mixian (TamJai) has been proudly committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through creative campaigns, with “TamJai Jeh Jeh” (TamJai waitresses) and “TamJai-ese” becoming familiar cultural artifacts of Hong Kong. Following the success of the TamJai Umbrella charitable campaign in 2021 inspired by TamJai Jeh Jeh (“Jeh Jeh” resembles “umbrella” in Cantonese), this year TamJai joined hands with local illustrator Plastic Thing and esteemed model vehicle manufacturer Majorette to release a series of two toy cars TamJai Che Che (literal: TamJai toy car). In addition, TamJai has 12 illustrators contributing to the campaign – each with a drawing under the themes of TamJai Jeh Jeh and TamJai-ese – and assembled the “Drawings of TamJai-ese” art series. The 12 drawings are made into calendars for redemption at TamJai branches and will be available for a charity sale, with proceeds going to HER Fund and Heep Hong Society to support community engagement as well as child and adolescent development initiatives. The “TamJai Jeh Jeh Speaks Exhibition” was launched on January 12 and will run until January 19 in the Open Piazza and corridor of The Forest mall in Mong Kok.

The “TamJai Jeh Jeh Speaks Exhibition” inauguration was officiated by Tam Jai International’s Chairman, Executive Director, and CEO Mr. Daren Lau; HER Fund’s Executive Director Ms. Judy Kan; Heep Hong Society’s Deputy CEO Dr. Chun Chuen Kuo; Asia Goal Limited’s General Manager Mr. Sherman Lam; and Simba Dickie HK Limited’s Director of Sales Mr. Maximilian Thiel, who were joined by local queen of pop Joyce Cheng and budding pop diva Cloud Wan.

Tam Jai International’s Chairman, Executive Director, and CEO Mr. Daren Lau remarked, “Currently TamJai has over 90 restaurants in Hong Kong. Yet, we still remember full well the sense of a tight-knit community in Sham Shui Po where we started off as a modest local restaurant, and we have strived to contribute to the community. Tam Jai International held its first Sustainability Week from January 9 to 13 this year, aiming to enhance our stakeholders’ understanding on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and the Group’s ESG strategies with 3 core pillars: “Nourishing Communities”, “Uplifting People”, and “Preserving Nature”. Following the success of the TamJai Umbrella charity sale in 2021, we are now launching “TamJai JehJeh: TamJai Che Che” (Toy Car) and “Drawings of TamJai-ese” to put “Nourishing Communities” and “Uplifting People” into practice. In addition to our long-term partner Heep Hong Society, this time we have HER Fund onboard with us. Over the years, TamJai has recruited talents from various backgrounds and made an effort to hire less privileged female workers, which makes HER Fund and us a great match because of our similar belief about gender equality and female empowerment. We hope that the public will support our initiatives and give more opportunities to the less privileged in our society.”

Having previewed the “Drawings of TamJai-ese” series, Cloud expressed appreciation for the campaign concept. “The familiar TamJai-ese represents diligence and perseverance. The Drawings of TamJai-ese series has managed to blend in this spirit through incorporating TamJai elements into famous artworks – it feels like they are speaking to me in TamJai-ese. It’s amazing!” As a die-hard TamJai fan, she noted, “most of the works are parodies and they’re just hilarious. I’m truly impressed by the artists’ creativity.” Moreover, Cloud’s dream came true when she had a photo taken on stage with TamJai’s influencer Hung Mui Jeh and the beloved Kwai Fong store manager Kuk Jeh.

Meanwhile, Joyce was thrilled to see the Fatty series by her favorite illustrator Plastic Thing. “She’s so whimsical – just like me! I’m so glad that Plastic Thing has created two TamJai Che Che for charity. They’re just so cute and of course so meaningful.” Joyce also endorsed the mission of the HER Fund. “As a supporter of women’s rights, I do believe up-skilling females is more effective than donations as it is more beneficial to them in long run. HER Fund empowers women through funded workshops and training to promote gender equality – that’s unique in Hong Kong and it’s a great cause.” Commenting on TamJai’s community work, Joyce added, “TamJai started hiring female immigrants from the mainland years ago. Back then, there were not many opportunities for them. TamJai offered job opportunities to them, who have become a part of the Hong Kong culture. TamJai gave a chance to these ladies to build their dignity and confidence, and that’s truly respectable.”

At the officiating ceremony, Joyce and Cloud joined Tam Jai International’s Chairman, Executive Director, and CEO Mr. Daren Lau; HER Fund’s Executive Director Ms. Judy Kan; Heep Hong Society’s Deputy CEO Dr. Chun Chuen Kuo; toy car manufacturer Asia Goal Limited’s General Manager Mr. Sherman Lam; and Simba Dickie HK Limited’s Director of Sales Mr. Maximilian Thiel to unveil a life-size TamJai Che Che (toy cars). What is more, TamJai announced to give away 1,500 bowls of Chicken Mixian with Yam in Black Garlic Broth to low-income families with special education needs through Heep Hong Society, and another 1,500 bowls to females at the grassroots through HER Fund. Accompanied by Joyce and Cloud, Mr. Daren Lau offered a mega-size mixian prop to Dr. Chun Chuen Kuo and Ms. Judy Kan to symbolize the gesture.

TamJai Jeh Jeh Speaks Exhibition

The 8-day charitable event, TamJai Jeh Jeh Speaks Exhibition will showcase two life-size “TamJai Jeh Jeh: TamJai Che Che” (toy car) jointly created by Plastic Thing and Majorette, as well as the Drawings of TamJai-ese art series where TamJai-ese is blended into world famous paintings. Fans are invited to participate in the TamJai Drawing Appreciation online game. Upon answering questions on the TamJai-ese drawings, they will receive one Drawings of TamJai-ese calendar as well as one cash voucher (worth $5 upon ordering 3 toppings), or one TamJai Che Che (randomized in a blind box) as well as one cash voucher (worth $5 upon ordering 3 toppings).

Date:               Now through January 19, 2023
Time:               10:30am – 10:30pm
Location:         G/F Open Piazza and Corridor, THE FOREST, 17 Nelson Street, Mong Kok

Limited-edition toy cars, “TamJai Jeh Jeh: TamJai CheChe” for redemption

Following the success of TamJai Umbrella, TamJai partners with Plastic Thing and renowned model car manufacturer Majorette to release two alloy model cars – TamJai Che Che x Volkswagen Beetle and TamJai Che Che x Volkswagen T1. With a silhouette as smooth as mixian and rendering that features TamJai Jeh Jeh, the 3-inched, elaborately crafted model cars are a collector’s must-haves. Starting from January 12, upon ordering any food or drink item (dine-in or takeout), customers can redeem one “TamJai Jeh Jeh: TamJai Che Che” blind box for $29 – limited quantities, while stocks last. All net proceeds will go to HER Fund, the only community women’s funds for capacity building and gender equality through grant-making.

From TamJai-ese to TamJai Drawing – Drawings of TamJai-ese
Each art piece has a story to tell. The Drawings of TamJai-ese art series comprises 12 drawings – each representing an iconic TamJai-ese message. The drawings have been made into desk calendars, which are available for purchase on Heep Hong Society’s online store ( All proceeds will go to Heep Hong Society to support children with special needs, young people and their families. Starting today, upon ordering any food or drink item, customers can redeem the Drawings of TamJai-ese desk calendar (including coupons worth $220) for $10.

Mr. LAU Tat Man, Daren

Mr. LAU Tat Man, Daren, has been the Chief Executive Officer of Tam Jai International Co. Limited (“TJI” or “the Company”) since 2018. He is responsible for shaping the growth path of the Company, leading strategic initiative and managing overall business development and operation. Under his leadership, TJI has been dedicated its resources to strengthen the market positioning, enhance operation standards and efficiencies, develop innovative products as well as improve overall food safety and food quality. The Company’s two brands, TamJai Yunnan Mixian and TamJai SamGor Mixian, successfully expand their footprint beyond Hong Kong and will set up their overseas stores in Shenzhen and Singapore respectively in 2020.

Mr. Lau has over 30 years of management experience in food and beverage industry in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Region. Prior to joining the Company, He had held senior management positions in premier corporations including Café de Coral Corporation, SSP Group Ltd., TGI Friday’s and The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.

Mr. Lau holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and was placed on the Dean’s list.

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